The ArchiEnglish Planner + Language Guide (Note: does not contain a coaching guide) is designed to help ESL architects and landscape architects to start planning goals and taking action with their language learning. It is the same as the Coaching Guide and Planner but doesn't contain the first coaching section. So if you already have the Coaching Guide and you want repeat editions then this planner will be best for you.  

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When you're living in working in English as a second language sometimes it takes a little more work to find the structure and direction you need to start taking the action that's going to get you results. 


The Planner includes:


  • Monthly, weekly and daily planning to help you to stay accountable to your goals 
  • Language guides ensure you'll have quick resources close by for all your meetings and business interactions. 
  • Daily quotes from architects and designers, motivation and mindset to get you tracking your goals.

Section 1 contains 3 months worth of monthly, weekly and daily journal prompts to keep you focused on setting objectives and keeping track of your goals.

Section 2 contains language guides for various practical situations. There are no grammar explanations, rather practical examples for you to have accessible during meetings, telephone calls or while preparing client presentations.

ArchiEnglish Planner + Language Guides

    • Size - Executive (7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm
    • Pages - 275 
    • Sheets - 60# White, Uncoated
    • Black Hardcover, Matte Cover

    • Monthly, weekly and daily objectives + evaluations 
      Set and evaluate objectives 

    • Language guides for practical business situations
      Emails, meetings, presentations, difficult conversations, signposting language and much more 

    • Sketch and note pages 

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