Neurolanguage Coaching® for Architecture Professionals.  

Helping architecture and built design professionals to build the confidence to be themselves in their second language with online language coaching.

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English for architects, landscape architects, urban planners, & interior designers

Through a nurturing learning journey, we work together to help you find your voice and become the confident communicator you've been dreaming of becoming.  

I coach architects, landscape architects and other professionals who work within the architecture industry who want to find their voice and be an outstanding communicator in their second language.  

Architecture and design have a specific language, and knowing how to use this specific language in various contexts is essential.

Communication skills are essential in everything we do; however, sometimes, communication can be challenging, especially if English is not your native language. You may feel like you've lost your voice and your personality and you can't make the impact at work that you hoped for. You may have many questions, but you're not sure whom to ask. You might feel frustrated because you want to be the absolute best communicator or want to have more opportunities to live and work in English speaking countries.  

Are you a dedicated, passionate and hard-working professional? Do you currently work in an English speaking office, or are you seeking opportunities overseas? Do you want to advance your English but feel frustrated because you lack the confidence in your interactions with clients, colleagues and other collaborating professions? Is your professional English proficiency holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goals? 

Don't worry; you are not alone!

I'm here to help architecture professionals become confident communicators, find their voice, and show themselves and others the true value they bring to their profession through a Neurolanguage coaching method. 

To survive in today’s changing world, we need to adapt and grow with new ways of learning. I have spoken to several architecture professionals who work in their second language and are very frustrated and are afraid to speak up and be themselves.

Neurolanguage Coaching is about bringing coaching, science and neuroscience into the language learning process.

👉 What is Neurolanguage coaching®? 🧠

Find out more about the Neurolanguage coaching® and how it incorporates the latest findings in neuroscience as well as principles and tools from coaching to help you improve the effectiveness of your learning. 


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