I love working 1:1 with professionals who want to advance their English in authentic & practical situations specifically for architects, landscape architects and architecture professionals. 


Do you:


  • Know you have the skills and expertise in your industry but you feel nervous or embarrassed while speaking English with your colleagues, clients and collaborating professionals?

  • Have lots of questions about cultural differences? 

  • Want to get promoted, take on more responsibility and move up within your company or in your career but need to improve your English first? 

  • Dream of living and working in an English speaking country? 

  • Can't find English classes or teachers that focus on English specifically for architects, landscape architects and designers? 

  • Do you feel like your level of English is holding you back from showing your true skills and expertise? 

Don't worry, you are not alone. 

I am both a teacher and a landscape architect. With my knowledge, skills and my carefully structured English programs specifically designed for your industry, we'll get you the English skills and confidence you need to reach your goals and secure future job opportunities. 


What coaching packages do I offer and how much does it cost? 

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12 week build your confidence program.

Nothing but practical English for architects, landscape architects, urban plannersinterior designers and other architecture professionals. You will advance your
English skills to significantly improve your job performance. 

$ 330 USD 

per month

What does the program include:

You'll learn and master how to:  

  • ​communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients and collaborating professions.

  • ​answer tricky questions and give feedback without feeling out of your depth. 

  •  use Business English vocabulary, including idioms, expressions and phrases related to your industry and how you can continue to build upon this. 

  • write clear and effective emails, proposals and for other contexts relevant to your job.

Imagine how great it will be to speak clearly, naturally and confidently in any situation. Let me help you unlock the potential inside you that you're ready to share with the world. 

The practical stuff: 

  • 60 minute 1:1 online speaking class per week 

  • Structured written feedback, vocabulary, pronunciation tips and practical exercises.

  • We'll do mock-ups, role plays and discuss your questions 

  • A customised and systematic, shared weekly schedule designed specifically for you and your goals. 

  • You determine the goals and led the learning process and I help to choose and put together the materials to help achieve those goals. 

  • Pre-class activities and homework using shared google docs so you can work at your own pace during the week and I can provide timely feedback before our classes. 

  • Email support for the times when you need to clarify something such as how you could start your tricky email

  • $ 330.00 USD per month 

Book a free chat to find out more about the 12 week program 

Are you a design practice looking for training for an employee or group of employees?

Send me an email today to find out more how I can help. 

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Power hour 

$ 99USD 

one time payment
You might not need regular teaching and coaching. Maybe you’re just stuck on knowing how to move forward or you need a confidence boost before a big interview or presentation and you need to get out of your own head. In that case, my power hour could be for you. These are designed to get you unstuck & ready to take action. 

Who is the power hour for: 

The power hour is designed to give you a confidence boost and ready to take action. 

They work best when you have a specific thing you need help and clarity on – things like:

  • Preparing for a job interview 

  • Preparing for a big presentation/client meeting/specific task 

  • Getting clarity or accountability on your learning goals 

  • Knowing the best approach to take to make the learning most effective 


My teaching is coaching led, so you'll expect lots of questions and some positive and supportive feedback to give you the confidence moving forward. You'll receive a recording of the session as well as any notes and resources. 

ArchiEnglish Network

Opening End of Jan 2021
The ArchiEnglish Network is a subscription-based community for architects and landscape architects and other built design professions who want to belong to a group of likeminded professionals. You're an intermediate or advanced learner and you've tried general English lessons but they are just not working.

The network will be for you if: 

  • You want to belong to a group of like-minded professionals from your industry. 

  • You want to share ideas, ask questions and have your biggest questions answered. 

  • You're ready to start building the confidence to be yourself 

How it will works : 

  • There will be two tiers to the subscription: 

  • Community Member 

  • Community Member + Fortnightly Group coaching 

I'm still refining all the details to make sure this is the best it can be. So if this sounds like something that might interest you or someone you know, then register your interest below.  

Add me to the interested list. 


Power hour for

ESL Teachers  

$ 129USD 

one time payment
Are you an ESL teacher interested in niche teaching and making your teaching enjoyable, relevant and effective for your students? Would you like the opportunity to find out exactly out how I do it and to pick my brains? You'll find out how I organise my time, my curriculum, and create resources and interact with my students and why I absolutely believe in the power of niche teaching to make it as relevant and effective for your students. 

Who is the power hour for: 

The power hour for ESL teachers is designed to help you take action with your ESL business.  

The power hour works best when you have thought about niche teaching but you're not sure how to go about it or how to set it up. If you're also a bit of an introvert and sensitive and caring teacher who finds sales challenging, you might find my strategies in my power hour helpful. I'll take you through all the steps I use including taking you through my own Linkedin account. 

You'll find out:

  • My biggest do's and don'ts  

  • What to post on Linkedin

  • How not to be a pushy salesperson 

  • How to determine who your students are 

  • How to show the world your amazing teacher self and to just be yourself

I am a super passionate teacher who believes wholeheartedly in making education relevant, engaging and personalised for the students we teach which is why I'm super passionate about niche ESL teaching. You'll receive my mini ebook with all the things I've learnt and some practical tips.   

          Connect with me on Linkedin

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My promise.

For as long as we work together, I promise that I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to meeting with you, learning all about you and giving you the skills you need to unlock the life and career you have always wanted. Are you ready to change your mindset? 

Caterina Villani, Architect & PhD Candidate - Italy  


I contacted Tara while I was completing my PhD and starting my postdoctoral applications process. I was looking for a professional that could help me with advanced architectural English communication for my postdoctoral interviews. In this delicate process of transition from PhD to job applications, I found Tara to be an expert and a supporting and empowering guide. Her advice really helped me not only in the strategical preparation for interviews but also for the improvement of my application documents. Her advice regarding communication was applicable to a wide spectrum of situations, not only interviews. I was definitely more confident in my PhD oral defence. I would totally recommend her and I wish she was part of my university career development staff.

English for Architectural Communications, University Student, Thailand 


As I have Tara as a teacher I feel like I have an amazing advisor. She always has good suggestions to help me improve my English and help me to be confident when presenting. Every time when I have a class with Tara I always have fun and learn new things. She always has fun activities for us to do! 

English for Architectural Communications, University Student, Thailand 


Thank you, Tara, for being such an amazing teacher and for all your great lessons.  Tara is a very nice and kind person, that makes students feel comfortable talking with her.  She is always willing to help students that needed extra advice. Studying with Tara made me clearly understand more about being a good architect. At first, I was very confused about organising my presentation, but Tara taught me very important skills. Thank you again, Mrs. Tara, for helping to prepare me for the road ahead in life

Lucy Li, Landscape Architect - China and currently living in Australia.


Tara is one of the most inspirational persons I have worked with since I started my Landscape Architecture profession in Australia 9 years ago. Throughout the years, she helped me to develop my skills as a proficient Landscape Architect, as well as to build confidence in working in a foreign country. She is someone with many talents including design (interior and exterior), watercolour painting and extensive knowledge of planting design. Moreover, her professional experience in both design and education sectors enable her to make the learning process very easy for foreign designers, who are seeking help in improving English. Therefore, I highly recommend Tara and her course, if any designers, architects or other design-related professionals want to polish their English skills.

Pelin, Researcher - Turkey 


Tara's the best teacher I've ever met. She adapts the lessons to what you need very well and supports your confidence. I improved my English and I feel lucky to have met her and I highly recommend.
(Review taken from Apprentus.fr) 

Salomé Veriers, Engineer - France 


Tara  is a great teacher ! I was not very confident about my English level and Tara was able to give me the keys to be a confident speaker.  She has great listening skills and she is very empathic.  She teaches English through speaking about subjects that you are interested in. In this way learning English with Tara is never boring. You always can count on her! I recommend you to listen  her podcast to understand how much she is dedicated to help people to make progress in English. 

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