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Business English Coaching Tailored for Your Team.

We provide various programs to help the members of your team find their English voice. 

Our programs.


Build Your Authentic Leadership Voice

For English Second Language (ESL) professionals who want to build more executive presence and grow their career. 

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

Understand your communication strengths and how you can use them to your advantage 

Go deeper into understanding your mindset and blocks and how to overcome them 

Know how language can help enhance your executive presence in various situations including meeting and presentations

Understand more about cultural differences and how to reduce misunderstandings in culturally diverse teams 

Implement feedback effectively to develop stronger presentation skills

Develop stronger leadership skills to lead a team with more confidence.


Build Your Presentation Skills

For professionals who want to develop outstanding presentation skills and present concepts with more impact.

It would be ideal for you if you want to: 

Take your presentation skills to the next level

Understand who you are as a communicator and how to connect to your authentic voice and your audience

Know how to structure your presentations and client meetings using signposting language and storytelling to make an impression on the audience 

Know how to prepare, use your voice including stress and intonation and body language to deliver your presentation with confidence  

Implement feedback effectively to have an immediate impact to your situation


Build Your Archi Vocabulary 

For professionals who want to speak more like an architect, share their options and ideas with more confidence and conviction.  

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

Speak about issues and topics related to architecture with more confidence

Present your projects and ideas with more conviction 

Learn how to use phrasal verbs and complicated grammar structures more effectively 

Build a stronger library of professional vocabulary 

Get feedback that takes your speaking, writing and presentation skills to the next level 

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