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You hold the key to accessing your authentic voice in English.

Our training and coaching enables our clients to speak clear, confident English tailored specifically to the Architecture Industry

Professional Development for Practices 

Are you an architecture or landscape architecture practice looking for individual coaching or professional development or English lessons to enhance your team's productivity?

Individual Coaching programs & English 

Are you an architect or landscape architect looking for Business English Coaching and English lessons tailored specifically for your industry? 


CPF Training for Architects in France 

Que vous soyez salarié, ou à la recherche d’un emploi, ce dispositif vous offre l’opportunité de suivre gratuitement la formation de votre choix en dehors ou pendant vos heures de travail. 

Business English Coaching and 
English Lessons for Architecture professionals

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The best way

to drive performance

in an organization is to create an environment in which information can flow freely, mistakes can be highlighted and help can be offered and received. 

Professional Development for Architecture Practices

Professional Development for Architecture and
Landscape Architecture Practices. 

Are you an architecture or landscape architecture practice looking for individual coaching or professional development to enhance your team's productivity?


Have you considered how communicating across cultures or within culturally diverse teams might be impacting the success of your projects? 


Do you want to understand more about how you can use language to create a more inclusive environment for teams with diverse cultural backgrounds?


Language and cultural training has helped many of my clients to significantly improve their self-confidence. Not only has it impacted how they show up at work, but it has enhanced their productivity and relationships with their team, clients and external consultants. 


Before working with me, several of my clients felt their English language skills were holding them back. However, when we delved deeper into understanding their challenges, we worked closely on their mindset and language skills in a targeted way. When we role-play and analyse language for different situations such as meetings, writing emails and presenting concepts, my clients are able to immediately use the feedback and implement it in their workplace. 

When someone has a safe space in which they can grow their confidence by expressing their ideas and receiving feedback, their confidence flourishes, and the flow-on effect is they feel more engaged at work. The benefit to the individual is enormous, while the benefit to the business is also significant. My clients often report feeling more part of the team and understanding their role, and feeling more engaged overall within the design profession. 


Through ArchiEnglish, you can offer your employees who speak English as a second language all the individual coaching programs we provide individual professionals or tailor the coaching to help your organisation reach specific objectives. 


Individual or Group Training 


You might have one individual in mind or a group of individuals who would benefit from the training together. We can discuss what works best for meeting the needs of the organisation. 


Participants of the training will learn:


How specific cultural communication issues might be impacting their work relationships; 

How language or lack of vocabulary might be having an impact on the success of their projects; 

How to develop more confident, authentic and assertive communication and how to develop presentation skills that build upon their communication strengths; and 

How to create more authority as a leader

Corporate Training and Workshops 

ArchiEnglish offers workshops and training for practices that want to build trust and respect within their teams. My 1:1 and group coaching experience has given me invaluable insight into the impact that speaking English as a second language can have on individuals ability to show up at work and deliver successful projects. I have found that the obstacle isn't always just at the individual level; often, the challenge can also be felt by other team members who are unaware of cultural differences that might be causing misunderstandings between project teams or clients. The excellent news is that workshops and training can help bridge that awareness gap and create more understanding within project teams. 


To determine the best training program for you, we will first discuss your organisational needs and choose the right strategy moving forward. During our workshops, we include vital clues about how different cultures might communicate and the challenges faced by multicultural and bilingual professionals; and we also explore organisational techniques to help provide support for the team and individuals to overcome these obstacles such as: 


  • What specific cultural communication issues might be impacting your projects?

  • Why is it important to understand cultural diversity and how it affects us all?

  • Ways you can use language to create an inclusive environment for your team members of different cultural backgrounds.

  • The importance of and how to deliver feedback in a culturally diverse team 


We also address specific concerns relevant to architecture and landscape architecture such as: 


  • How to communicate in a clear, concise manner at all levels in the organisation

  • How to prepare for difficult conversations

  • How to present a strong, compelling case for clients

  • How to prepare and deliver powerful presentations

  • How to overcome challenges related to team members and clients with different cultural and language backgrounds 

  • How to reduce conflict and increase productivity within the workplace

  • How to use language to create an inclusive environment that works with diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • We can also explore specific techniques for how coaching and mentoring within the organisation can benefit the team. 

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You might not know how

to make a change,

but you

know you want

to feel different 

It's not just about learning grammar

it's about digging deeper than the language to help you move forward with how you feel. 

Coaching Programs

Premium Quality English, Language and Communication  Coaching for Architecture Professionals.

Do you know you have the skills and expertise in your industry but you feel nervous or embarrassed while speaking English with your colleagues, clients and collaborating professionals?


Do you want to get promoted, be heard more in meetings, take on more responsibility and move up within your company or in your career but you feel like you need to improve your English first? 


Can't find English classes or teachers that focus on English specifically for architects, landscape architects and designers? 


Want to make a lot of progress in a short space of time? 


With my knowledge, skills and specifically designed Premium English, language and communication coaching programs focused on enhancing your language skills as well as presence and visibility, you’ll have the space to overcome your communication challenges and be standing out in no time. 

I have carefully crafted each of these programs after working with several clients who share similar challenges. The sessions include face-to-face contact with myself (Tara) as well as self-paced online learning modules to help you skyrocket your progress. We offer several coaching programs to suit your needs and requirements and if you can't find something that suits your needs we can also tailor a program for you through my Neurolanguage coaching program. 

Our programs.


Build Your Authentic Leadership Voice

for English Second Language (ESL) professionals who want to build more executive presence and grow their career. 

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Understand your communication strengths and how you can use them to your advantage 

  • Go deeper into understanding your mindset and blocks and how to overcome them 

  • Know how language can help enhance your executive presence in various situations including meetings, presentations, dealing with clients, consultants, contractors and colleagues 

  • Understand more about cultural differences and how to reduce misunderstandings in culturally diverse teams 

  • Implement feedback effectively to develop stronger presentation skills

  • Develop stronger leadership skills to lead a team with more confidence.

1497 €


10 x 60-minute sessions

Self guided online training

Support between sessions


Build Your Presentation Skills

For students and professionals who want to develop outstanding presentation skills and present concepts with more power


It would be ideal for you if you want to: 


  • Take your presentation skills to the next level

  • Understand who you are as a communicator and how to connect to your authentic voice and your audience

  • Know how to structure your presentations and client meetings using signposting language and storytelling to make an impression on the audience 

  • Know how to prepare, use your voice including stress and intonation and body language to deliver your presentation with confidence  

  • Implement feedback effectively to have an immediate impact to your situation

999 €


8 x 60 minute sessions

Self-Guided online training

Support between sessions


Build Your Confidence & Archi Vocabulary 

For students and professionals who want to speak more like an architect, share their options and ideas with more confidence and conviction.  

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Speak about issues and topics related to architecture with more confidence

  • Present your projects and ideas with more conviction 

  • Learn how to use phrasal verbs and complicated grammar structures more effectively 

  • Build a stronger library of professional vocabulary 

  • Get feedback that takes your speaking, writing and presentation skills to the next level 




8 x 60 minute sessions

Self-Guided online training

Support between sessions


Job Seeker Coaching

for English Second Language (ESL) professionals who want to build more executive presence and grow their career. 

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Know how to connect your values and interests to apply for your ideal jobs

  • Prepare an outstanding CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio that gets you noticed and landing interviews for your dream jobs 

  • Up-level your interview skills and know how to sell yourself 

497 €


5 x 60-minute sessions

Self-guided online training

Support between sessions


Neurolanguage coaching Ongoing 

For professionals who want to build their own coaching program tailored specifically

to their needs. 

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Go deeper into understanding your mindset and blocks and develop consistent habits 

  • Design a customised schedule designed specifically for you and your goals

  • Get help to determine the most effective goals that will help you become a more independent learner 

  • Work independently on activities that will be relevant and help to build the vocabulary you need and keep you accountable 

  • You want feedback on your speaking, writing and presentation skills 

Contact to discuss


60 - 90 minute sessions

Self guided online training

Support between sessions

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Power Hour Coaching (1 hour session)

For professionals who aren't ready for ongoing coaching sessions but want some feedback and direction for something specific. 

It would be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Get some feedback on your CV

  • Get feedback on your portfolio or practice interview questions.

  • Practice a design presentation

  • Design a learning plan and work independently.

  • You want feedback on your speaking, writing and presentation skills 

99 €


1 x 60-minute session

Written feedback

Follow up

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Get guidance, support and someone who really listens and knows the industry
to help you find your voice and unearth what is buried deep inside you. 

Invest in yourself

  • How do you deliver training?
    I can deliver training and face-to-face. I am currently based in France
  • Can I book my team in for training?
    Absolutely, we are able to provide both off-the-shelf and tailored training depending on you needs and budget. If you lead a team or are an HR professional then let’s speak to determine how we can best serve your organisations needs
  • Where are you located and what languages do you speak?
    I’m Australian but I live in France. I speak French and I just started learning Portuguese. Thanks to my clients I think i’m starting to become an unintentional Polyglot!
  • How will the classes run?
    My classes are conducted via Zoom and the class notes are shared via Notion. Typically we will work our a best day and time that fits your schedule and in the beginning we will decide how often you will do sessions. You might want to do the sessions weekly, fortnightly or several during a week. I prefer that we select a consistent day and time. I understand that things come up from time to time and will be some flexible around changing days and times. I just ask for at least 24 hours notice of session changes.
  • What will we do during the coaching program?
    The specific content of the class will depend on the program you choose and your English level and goals. All my coaching programs have been carefully planned using materials that I’ve developed while working specifically with architects and landscape architects. They are designed specifically to help you overcome the challenges I help my clients with the most.
  • Which program should I choose if I want a more tailored coaching program?
    If you want a more tailored coaching program the best option to choose will be my Neurolanguage coaching. After an initial consultation, we will meet for a free evaluation session to design your coaching program, determine the length of time and come up with specific targets. The best thing to do is book a time with me to see if it's the right fit for you.
  • How much does it cost for a tailored coaching program?
    The exact price you pay will be dependent on your specific targets and needs and how often you want to meet. After our free evaluation session I will put together a fee proposal to send to you. To give you an idea coaching can ranges from between 170 - 200 € for fortnightly sessions or 300 - 370 € for weekly sessions depending on your situation.
  • Will my English be good enough to work with you?
    I have worked with different English levels, from children to beginners as well as advanced English speakers. If you can understand what’s written on my website and understand my podcast then you’re English will be good enough to work with me.
  • Do you also work with university students and graduates?
    Absolutely! As well as individual and group coaching for ArchiEnglish I have worked as a guest lecturer at KMITL University in Thailand teaching English for Architecture Presentations and English for Architecture Communication. I absolutely love working with students and many of my clients have been recent university graduates, current University Students and I’ve also worked with University lecturers to help them with their English communication skills.
  • What is your experience?
    You can read more about my teaching and coaching and landscape architecture experience in the about section.
  • Can my company pay for my training?
    Yes! I can prepare necessary documentation for you to provide your employer which will also show how the training will contribute align to expected skills for your professional level within architecture or landscape architecture. If you’re based in France, I can also offer CPF financed training. Find out more about it here.
  • Can you help prepare me for professional registration?
    Yes, while I cannot be an official mentor, I have been through landscape architecture registration in Australia so I am aware and keep up-to-date with the registration process. I have also helped several clients with preparing the language for architecture registration portfolios and interviews for professional registration.
  • Can I do multiple programs?
    Yes you can and you can go ongoing coaching after completing a particular program.
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"For as long as we work together, I promise that I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to meeting with you, learning all about you and helping you move forward." 

My promise.

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English for Architectural Communications, University Student, Thailand 


As I have Tara as a teacher I feel like I have an amazing advisor. She always has good suggestions to help me improve my English and help me to be confident when presenting. Every time when I have a class with Tara I always have fun and learn new things. She always has fun activities for us to do! 

English for Architectural Communications, University Student, Thailand 


Thank you, Tara, for being such an amazing teacher and for all your great lessons.  Tara is a very nice and kind person, that makes students feel comfortable talking with her.  She is always willing to help students that needed extra advice. Studying with Tara made me clearly understand more about being a good architect. At first, I was very confused about organising my presentation, but Tara taught me very important skills. Thank you again, Mrs. Tara, for helping to prepare me for the road ahead in life

Salomé Veriers, Engineer - France 


Tara  is a great teacher ! I was not very confident about my English level and Tara was able to give me the keys to be a confident speaker.  She has great listening skills and she is very empathic.  She teaches English through speaking about subjects that you are interested in. In this way learning English with Tara is never boring. You always can count on her! I recommend you to listen  her podcast to understand how much she is dedicated to help people to make progress in English. 

Pelin, Researcher - Turkey 


Tara's the best teacher I've ever met. She adapts the lessons to what you need very well and supports your confidence. I improved my English and I feel lucky to have met her and I highly recommend.

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