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I might not have a typical resume, but my experiences are rich and diverse. Everything I have done in my life has strengthened my knowledge, skills and passions. Everything I have enjoyed learning throughout my journey comes with me to make my English teaching with ArchiEnglish an absolute pleasure. 

Landscape architecture

As a landscape architect, I started my career in a multidisciplinary office working with planners, engineers and urban designers. Then I gained more experience in residential landscape design and horticulture and began working as a landscape architect in a nursery in Melbourne. This allowed me to dramatically improve my plant knowledge and customer service skills. 



After volunteering to help a primary school with their kitchen garden  I discovered my burning desire to teach and I can honestly say that teaching is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  I obtained a Master of Teaching and headed to England to teach for 12 months, before returning to Australia to do both relief and art teaching. 


In 2018 left for an adventure to live in France where I have been teaching English to adults and children ever since while also working via distance for the Lygon Street Nursery in Melbourne. I can honestly say I am very lucky to be able to do two things I'm passionate about. I love being an English teacher and seeing my students make progress and most of all I enjoy learning about how cultures communicate with each other.   

In 2020 I started teaching at KMITL University in Bangkok and I'm enjoying developing my online teaching skills and learning more about English Medium of Instruction teaching. I've also enjoying learning more about teaching across cultures and how to make teaching more effective. 

Since starting ArchiEnglish I've worked with Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, and University students.  

Urban sketching 


When I'm not teaching you'll find me sketching in the streets of Montpellier or whichever city I'm visiting at the time. Urban sketching is my meditation, my way to connect with the world around me and a way for me to draw for fun. If you're interested you'll find my work at Tussock Studio.

About ArchiEnglish

Here you can find information about teaching English for architects, landscape architects and designers. 

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