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The best architecture & design podcasts to learn English


Research suggests that extensive listening tends to see an improved understanding of grammar rules and considerable benefits for vocabulary development, accent recognition, and also students pronunciation and speaking. A specific study also showed that participants who listened to a podcast improved their scores on speaking tests more than those that didn’t listen to a podcast. As such, I highly recommend the use of podcasts for advancing English communication skills.

As an Architecture professional, it's important to listen to relevant and engaging content that is going to show you positive results for advancing your English. Here is my list of recommendations in architecture, landscape architecture communication and authentic English conversations. To find out a little more about each show, click on the images. 

Architecture & Interior design Podcasts
Landscape architecture & Urban design Podcasts
Communication & English learning Podcasts

Learning English doesn't have to be about textbooks and classrooms.

The way we learn English is changing. More and more people want to learn English by engaging with real authentic materials. We need to look for ways to learn the rules in ways that don't negatively impact our motivation.

Translation tools for learning English as an architecture professional

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