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Learning Communities for Architects to join


Belonging to a learning community or a community for architects and landscape architects can be such an important part of learning and improving your English. It makes it far more likely that students will be able to immerse themselves in the learning process. Being part of a professional association is an important part of that but sometimes it doesn't always give you everything you need for support. 


When you belong to a community of likeminded individuals who can provide support, guidance and sharing of resources you also have access to people who might be going through similar frustrations and challenges and therefore empathise more with your situation. 


The main benefit of a community is certainly the huge boost it gives to the confidence and ability of the learners who take advantage of it. Community, whether it’s found online or offline, is valuable because it makes learners feel as if they belong.

As well as The ArchiEnglish Community on Mighty Networks, there are a number of different communities for architects and other useful resources to help you with connecting with other professionals. Here is my list of recommended communities and social media accounts to follow. 

My First Architecture Job - The Architecture Project 


The MAD Collective 

To Scale Blog

Architecture Social 


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