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Buildings that Blend Nature and City: A Short Video to Learn Architectural Vocabulary

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

About this lesson:

In this short TEDTalk video, you'll watch American architect, Jeanne Gang discuss how architects and designers can blend nature with construction as well as be relationship builders. You'll learn some vocabulary related to architecture and the design process, and you'll have the opportunity to identify some common phrasal verbs.

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About this video:

In this Video Jeanne Gang, the founding principal and partner of Studio Gang, invites us into buildings large and small, including The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership and a landmark Chicago skyscraper.

"Through architecture, we can do much more than create buildings," she says. "We can help steady this planet we all share." Jeanne Gang

I felt this was a fascinating topic, especially in the video, when she discusses The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

“Social justice recognizes the inherent dignity of all people and values every life equally. It calls for both personal reflection and social change to ensure that each of us has the right and the opportunity to thrive in our communities, regardless of our identities. When we acknowledge that oppression exists and work together to end systemic discrimination and structural inequities, we increase the promise of a more just world.”

Some things to think about & discuss:

  • As you're watching the video, think about how this applies to the world in 2020. Unfortunately, the building is currently closed due to Covid19, but you can find out more about the Arcus Centre on their website.

  • ... most people think architects design buildings and cities, but what we really design are relationships because cities are about people. Discuss how you see this in your daily work?

  • In what ways are urban habitats out of balance?

  • Relationships should be the key driver of design. Do you agree or disagree? Why, Why not?

  • What is the difference between equity and equality and the example she uses in the video?

Why I love using interactive Video lessons

I love using videos for teaching English. First of all, this is how people tend to consume media nowadays, and I believe it's a great way to breakdown and understand vocabulary. Fewer people tend to read, and we have turned more toward video content such as YouTube, TikTok, Netflix and also Podcasts.

For me, video is more engaging than text as it involves more senses. There’ve also been studies which suggest that using authentic videos for learning languages motivates learners and benefits the whole learning process.

In addition to this, I like to use authentic videos to ask questions and apply newly learned vocabulary to real situations to make sure the new vocabulary is understood.


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