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Free Course: Using English to Enhance your Architecture Job Search on The Architecture Social

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

When you’re a professional who speaks English as a second language, it’s easy to feel like your English level is holding you back from finding your ideal job. You want to find the job you deserve, but you feel your confidence in English is stopping you. Stephen Drew from the Architecture Social and Tara Cull from ArchiEnglish put together a free course to help you understand more about the small things you can do - the tips and the tweaks you can use to your advantage to enhance your job application documents and the whole process.

We cover everything, including:

  • Using language to grab attention & show your personality in Email & Cover Letters

  • CV and portfolio writing

  • Using storytelling to present your portfolio

  • Interview preparation, including mindset and body language

  • Knowing your values

  • Asking the right questions about inclusion and diversity

  • Resigning including how to write your resignation letter

  • Asking for feedback and dealing with rejection

We are also joined by guest experts - Emma Wainer from Speaking at Work, Jackie Handy, Inclusion, Equity and Diversity expert and Will Ridgeway from MacDonald and Company.

To access the free course on the Architecture Social Community, follow the link to join the course and we'll see you there.

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