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How to Make a Good Impression in an Interview with Body Language and Tone of Voice

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

You've got the interview of your dreams. You've probably thought and practised all the things you want to say verbally in the interview, but did you realise that the body has its own language as well? When English is your second language it can be stressful enough trying to think of the things you say let alone think about how to keep yourself calm. So much of what we communicate is through body language, the tone of our voice as well as the words we speak.

Tara Cull sat down with Emma Wainer from Speaking at Work as well as Stephen Drew from The Architecture Social for a round table virtual conversation to discuss making the best impression in an interview.

Emma helps professionals raise their credibility and visibility at work so they can find their authentic voice, while I (Tara) help professionals in Architecture who speak English as a second language. I absolutely loved this conversation and I got so much out of it myself that I've been implementing it ever since.

In the conversation, we discussed so many useful and valuable tips so if you're about to go into an interview I highly recommend watching the video as you'll get a lot out of it.

We discussed:

✨ How your body language can give everything away

✨ Why it's important to know your power skills and strengths to start to develop a confident mind which will have an impact on how your body language shows up in the interview

✨ How to prepare your body language

✨ Being more intentional with your listening and thinking about why they are asking you the questions

✨ How to be perceived as more of an expert

✨ How you can prepare and feel more confident even when you feel you lack local experience if you're from overseas.

✨ How to ask questions and the interesting messages we send with our body when we answer questions

✨ Logic vs emotion and how to appeal to the heart

✨ How to present your portfolio using the process of people + performance + process

🎥 Resources mentioned in the video

Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast episode:


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Stephen Drew

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