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Language Coaching for Architects: How I Can Help You Become a Better Language Learner

Updated: May 28, 2021

Do you dream of living and working in an English speaking country as an architect or designer, but you don’t yet have the English abilities to make it a reality? Perhaps you already work in an English-speaking office but you feel like you can’t make the most of your career potential because you lack confidence.

If you’re nodding your head when you hear this, my language coaching could be exactly what you’re looking for.

You won’t be forced into a classroom, pushing into learning dull lists of vocabulary or doing activities that aren’t relevant for your life and needs. As an English coach and industry expert, I will teach you authentic business English that builds upon your strengths, expands your vocabulary and helps you use your new skills in whatever context you like.

Keep reading to find out more about my approach to language learning and how I can help you find your voice and achieve those goals.

What is language coaching?

As I mentioned at the beginning, language coaching is very different from language teaching in that it allows you to design your own learning experience with my guidance and supervision.

You won’t be forced to follow a predetermined curriculum or do general activities simply for the sake of improving overall language skills. You won’t need to work through textbooks (unless we’ve agreed that this is the right approach for you), and I won’t decide what you should know.

Instead, we’ll use your unique skills, personality traits, interests and needs to discover what motivates you, build your self-confidence and empower you to become a more independent learner. You’ll earn exactly what you want and need to know for your personal goals so you can stop wasting time and get real results.

The focus is always on empowering you as an individual, not on ticking boxes or just training you for a particular exam, and you will have full control of your language learning journey at all times.

First, we’ll review where you are and where you want to be, then using my experience as an English language coach and architecture professional, we can identify your roadmap and find the most effective tools to help you get there.

Who is language coaching for?

Everyone can use language coaching, even those just starting their language learning journey or attending formal English language classes. It provides the missing piece to the puzzle that can help you keep moving forward, even if you’re stuck at a language learning plateau or lack confidence in certain skills such as speaking in English.

However, I notice the best results when my learners are at an intermediate to advanced level. They may have taken formal classes, but they feel stuck or unsure of which direction to take next. Perhaps they have specific goals they’d like to achieve, such as learning English for architecture or design. They may simply enjoy the sense of accountability that language coaching can provide so they can achieve their language learning goals.

With my experience as a language learner, English language teacher and landscape architect, I can help you achieve any of these goals. As a specialist in the design world. I can help you learn the specific vocabulary you’ll need for this industry and learn to use it in various contexts.

My language coaching philosophy

I’m here to help you create that positive, growth-focused mindset you need to unlock your full language learning potential and give you the confidence to work towards your dreams. I’ll be asking you lots of powerful questions, encouraging you to focus on your strengths and pushing you to achieve those goals that you set for yourself.

Whenever I work with learners, I follow the following philosophy:

  • Passionate: I’m here to show you that you can push your limits and achieve more than you can.

  • Adaptable: I ask questions, put aside the judgement and make my lessons entirely learner-led. You decide the goals, and I help you to reach them.

  • Attentive: I use active listening skills to help me understand your unique requirements and experience of the learning process.

  • Practical: You will meet real-life situations that give you more opportunities to recall and use the language you’re learning.

  • Reflective: I continually monitor how I can make the learning experience more enjoyable, effective and practical for you. Your feedback is key!

  • Relevant: I ensure that what I’m teaching is appropriate for your unique situation.

  • Fun and creative: When learning is engaging and fun, you are more likely to learn.

  • Leadership: I lead by example by showing empathy, courage and providing a safe environment to provide regular reviews, questions and feedback.

ArchiEnglish Values

I’m serious about providing you with the best language learning support that I can and helping you to switch on your natural language-learning abilities using current research and insight.

For that reason, I recently completed my Neurolanguage coaching certificate. This approach combines principles from coaching, neuroscience and other brain-friendly techniques to help you learn faster and more effectively.

What is Neurolanguage Coaching®

The method consists of using coaching techniques and neuroscience knowledge to accompany people in their language learning and help them reach their goals.

Neurolanguage Coaching® uses neuroscience to create a perfect learning state during the coaching sessions. Based on what we know about the brain and how it learns (connection, association, attention, motivation…), the coach works with the learner to guide them through this learning process.

The coach brings self-awareness to the learner, so they better understand how their brain functions during the learning process so they learn more efficiently.

The process values autonomy and encourages the learner to make decisions and take ownership of the learning process so that the coach and learner are equal in the learning process, working together to reach goals.


Language coaching is an effective and empowering way of improving your language skills and moving towards your professional and personal goals. With a focus on architecture and design vocabulary, I can help you learn the vocabulary you need for success in the industry, practice using it with a range of real-life contexts and find your voice.


Serious about improving your English and reaching your career goals? Download the free guide - Take Action, Speak Up and start taking action today.

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