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English Vocabulary and English Lessons for Architecture professionals

Architects need English for all kinds of reasons, and my first job as a coach and course designer is to discuss the priorities with my clients. I need to know what they need English for such as job interviews, portfolio and CV writing, work meetings, communicating with clients, presenting ideas, dealing with other professionals, networking and writing a variety of business documents and emails. 

The goal of my lessons is to make the English specifically for Architects and landscape architects and to make the lessons interesting, relevant and thought-provoking. My coaching for architecture professional is practical and relevant to help my clients reach their objectives. 


When it comes to grammar my philosophy is grammar points are taught by paying close attention and listening to the ways my student speak and implementing an action plan by balancing their needs with what I believe will help them move forward. For me, coaching English for Architects and landscape architects is about making it task-based and relevant to my clients. 

If you're learning English here are some of the resources that will help to get you started.


A list of communities and resources for Architects and Landscape architects to connect with other professionals


Video resources for Architects and Landscape Architects learning English


My suggested podcasts for architects, landscape architects, urban planners and interior designers learning English.

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