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Prefabricated Vs Bespoke Housing, What Are The Benefits?

In episode 32 of Think Big Podcast, I summarise some of my biggest learnings about prefabricated housing and its impact on the architecture and design profession.

Think Big is a podcast is for you if English is your second, third or (fourth - impressive!) language, and you want to build more relevant vocabulary naturally by listening to interesting topics in architecture and feel more confident using the language at work or in your studies.

We don't JUST focus on the grammar, we get you excited again about improving your language and communication skills:

In this episode, I discuss:

✨ The differences between bespoke and prefabricated housing

✨ The advantages of prefabricated housing

✨ Some interesting project examples

This is just one of the many varied topics my clients and I discuss in our sessions to build relevant vocabulary and get them to speak and share their thoughts, ideas and opinions!

Tara's details:

✨ Connect with me on LinkedIn Tara Cull

Extended Show Notes

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Expressions and Phrases

to have something at your fingertips - when something is readily available

in the long run - over or after a long period of time; eventually.

Phrasal Verbs

get into - start discussing a subject extensively.

go ahead - proceed or consider something

Key Content Vocabulary

bespoke (adj) made for a particular customer or user.

assemble (verb) - build

prefab (adj) - Prefab simply means that the home is constructed off-site (in a factory) and assembled and installed onsite (at the site)

modular homes (noun) - Modular homes are houses built off-site, usually in an indoor factory-like setting. Often called factory-built, system-built or prefabricated, modular homes are completed in sections, according to specific plans

manufactured / mobile homes (noun) - A manufactured home is a structure that: has the character of a dwelling house. is designed to be moved from one position to another. It is not permanently attached to the land.

kit homes (noun) - made from precut pieces for later assembly

resurgence (noun) - an increase or revival after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence.

GLULAM (noun) - glued laminated timber

CROSSLAM (noun) - cross-laminated timer

slash (verb) - reduce

building chassis (noun) - the base frame of a house end to end service (noun) - from beginning to end

Compare and Contrast Language

Sketchnote Summary

Animated Video


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