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Super Useful Tips and Strategies To Help You Speak Up with More Confidence

You're a passionate and curious built design professional who loves to input and be involved in projects. However, there is still something holding you back. You know too well that fear of speaking up in a meeting. It's the fear of looking stupid or not being taken seriously. The fear of saying something wrong and being laughed at. The fear of not knowing if what you want to say is culturally appropriate. English second-language speakers can feel like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome, especially if you're also an introvert.

Do you go into meetings, conversations and lectures feeling stressed and anxious about the thought of someone asking you a question and judging you?

Do you leave wishing you had just plucked up the courage to say what you needed?

Are you feeling like it's time to start showing up authentically with confidence and intention so you can start to make the impact you really want instead of hiding in the corner?

You don't have to be afraid! Be reassured that many people feel this same fear - even professionals who work in senior positions feel that same fear. While they might look pro, many in this position have worked on their communication skills and public speaking to be where they are today.

Stephen Drew from The Architecture Social, and Tara Cull sat down again with Emma Wainer from Speaking at Work for another round table virtual conversation to discuss tips and strategies for overcoming the fear of speaking up.

In the conversation, we discussed many useful and valuable tips to help you reframe your thinking about the fear and how you can turn it around.

We discussed:

✨ Not being afraid of asking stupid questions

✨ Putting perfection aside and letting go of a script

✨ Understanding the role cultural tendencies play in what is and isn't acceptable in a meeting

✨ Stephen shares his own experience as a part 2 architect

✨ Becoming a good speaker and a good communicator takes time

✨ Stepping outside your comfort zone

✨ The importance of your breathing; and so much more.

If you feel the fear of being judged and want to know some simple strategies you can implement today to help you speak up more in a meeting, conversation, lecture, or presentation, you won't want to miss this video.

Watch the video:


More about the speakers

Tara Cull

Tara helps professionals in Architecture who speak English as a second language to find their authentic archi voice. To find out more about Tara's coaching programs:

Emma Wainer

Emma helps professionals raise their credibility and visibility at work so they can find their authentic voice. To find out more about Emma from Speaking at Work

Stephen Drew

Stephen, a recruiter and career coach, helps people to find their dream jobs in the UK.

To find out more about Stephen's Career coaching


✨ Are you ready to stop hiding and start speaking up? Download my free evaluation and action plan - TAKE ACTION.

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